What People Are Saying



  • The Atlas books are incredibly thorough – I use them all the time as a gut check for message and spending decisions.
    Denise Feriozzi
    Political Director Director
    EMILY's List
  • The Atlas Report was our Bible - I kept a copy of the report on my desk through Election Day.
    Jessica Post
    Field & Political Director
  • There are few better tools than Atlas. They are invaluable for targeting, messaging and overall strategy in any campaign.
    Ed Peavy
    Managing Partner
    Mission Control
  • I wish everyone in the field and at the national level who spent money in Iowa had used the insight provided in the Atlas reports.
    Norm Sterzenbach
    Executive Director
    Iowa Democratic Party
  • Atlas understands better than anyone the mantra that 'all politics is local,' and I have come to rely on Atlas for its comprehensive, state-specific research and analysis.
    Jeff Link
    Link Strategies
  • The Atlas Project creates reports that are an invaluable tool to understanding the political landscape of each state. I recommend it to any organization that is serious about building an excellent program.
    Cecile Richards
    Planned Parenthood Action Fund
  • Atlas research and analysis allowed us to create a smart and focused campaign plan.
    Marlon Marshall
    2012 Deputy National Field Director
    Obama for America
  • Progressives need this tool if they want to win.
    Paul Begala
  • The first thing I tell any operative working in Wisconsin to do is read the Atlas Roadmap report. It's the go-to-guide for understanding how the state really works.
    Teresa Vilmain
  • The Atlas Project has played a huge role in building the institutional memory of the progressive movement. Atlas forces us all to look at the past to build better, more effective programs for the future.
    Mike Podhorzer
    Political Director
  • In order to win campaigns you don't need just information, you need insightful analysis. Atlas gave us both.
    Greg Speed
    America Votes
  • Atlas is an invaluable tool – particularly for smaller organizations that don’t have local affiliates or a huge research shop. Atlas has really helped to build the infrastructure of the progressive movement.
    Cathy Duvall
    National Political Director
    Sierra Club
  • One of the first steps I took was to read the Atlas handbook. It would have taken us weeks to put together what Atlas provided in a ready-to-go document.
    Emily Parcell
    2008 IN State Director
    Obama for America
  • After having worked in Maine for so many cycles, I still found the Atlas report for Maine incredibly helpful and I learned things about the state I never would have known.
    Amy Pritchard
  • I think of Atlas as our roadmap for winning: it provides us with a high quality set of strategic products that allows us to succeed at the ballot box and on Capitol Hill.
    Jon Youngdahl
    State Council Executive Director