Wendy Davis: Good for Texas, Good for Democrats

Published:  Oct 03, 2013

State Senator Wendy Davis has officially announced she will seek Texas’ governorship, an office Democrats have not held since 1994. Davis faces a difficult path to victory, but regardless of the outcome, Davis’ candidacy will benefit Democrats both nationally and in the Lone Star State.


The ABCs of ABQ’s 20-Week Abortion Ban

Published:  Oct 02, 2013

On November 19, Albuquerque voters could make history as the first city or town in the U.S. to pass a 20-week abortion ban on a municipal ballot. This isn’t progressives’ first outing when it comes to confronting ballot measures impacting women’s healthcare or efforts to adopt 20-week abortion bans, but the combination of the two is what makes the situation in Albuquerque unique. Here's what you need to know about this and other similar attempts to restrict choice.


Redistricting Battles to Watch 2013 – Update

Published:  Oct 01, 2013

by Joshua Diamond

While most states have completed their redistricting process, several states still have open redistricting challenges including those impacted by the Supreme Court's ruling on Shelby County v. Holder



The Friday Five — September 27, 2013

Published:  Sep 27, 2013

The Atlas Project political team combs through the news every day to bring the latest relevant headlines to progressive activists in the field. Now, we bring you five stories that may have flown under your radar this week.    


Broadcasting a path to victory in Virginia: Gubernatorial ad spending

Published:  Sep 23, 2013

Virginia politics is full of election-related rituals, including the Shad Planking, as well as the Buena Vista Labor Day parade that historically marks the unofficial kickoff of campaign season. Another historic mainstay of state elections is a lull in television advertising during the summer months that lead up to the fall campaign season. In the 2005  and 2009 gubernatorial elections, the Republican and Democratic campaigns and affiliated groups “went dark” from late June/early July through late August. In 2013, the campaigns and affiliated groups have rejected this norm, and save for a brief stretch from late June through early July, have maintained a consistent presence on broadcast television throughout the summer.


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