Redistricting Battles to Watch 2013 – Update

Published:  Jul 31, 2013

by Joshua Diamond

While most states have closed the door on their redistricting process these states still have open redistricting challenges.


Looking Down the Ballot: Compelling Constitutional 2014 Races

Published:  Jul 29, 2013

Statewide campaigns for governor or U.S. Senate cost millions of dollars. However, down-ballot races afford Democrats the opportunity to win important offices on a smaller budget, then influence public policy and raise candidates’ profiles as they prepare to campaign for even higher offices. Here are eight lesser-known, but powerful, statewide offices may offer Democrats comparatively inexpensive opportunities to implement progressive policies and strengthen the party.


The Friday Five — July 26, 2013

Published:  Jul 26, 2013

The Atlas Project political team combs through the news every day to bring the latest relevant headlines to progressive activists in the field. Now, we bring you five of the most absurd stories of the week.


The Cost of the Right Wing Agenda

Published:  Jul 25, 2013

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made national headlines when he shrugged off the $24 million cost of what many see as a politically motivated special election in New Jersey, saying “I don’t know what it costs and frankly I don’t care,” but this isn’t the only example of a supposedly fiscally responsible Republican leaving taxpayers on the hook for the costs of their right-wing agendas.


Better Know a District: Texas SD-10 (Sen. Wendy Davis)

Published:  Jul 22, 2013

Texas Senate District 10 is featured in the first installment of The Atlas Project Progressive Compass blog’s Better Know a District, an ongoing series drawn from our signature Roadmap Reports that will highlight and analyze state legislative districts and elections that have the capacity to impact politics and policies in statehouses and beyond.  


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