The Friday Five – March 29, 2013

Published:  Mar 29, 2013

by Atlas Staff

The Atlas Project political team combs through the news every day to bring the latest relevant headlines to progressive activists in the field. Now, we bring you five political stories that made us laugh.


Stung by election defeats in 2012, Republicans continue to push anti-union agenda

Published:  Mar 28, 2013

by The Atlas Research Team

For years, Republicans and allies like ALEC have been sponsoring legislation and ballot initiatives that seek to weaken labor unions and workers. In 2013, it appears Missouri, Alaska, Pennsylvania and Montana could be top targets for right-to-work legislation.


Civil Rights, the Supreme Court, and Public Opinion – What Happens When the Court Leads

Published:  Mar 26, 2013

by Ryan Pougiales, Marrisa Geller, and John Hagner

We believe if the Supreme Court rules in favor of equality that the impact will be similar to that in Brown v Board of Education or Loving v Virginia, where the Court’s ruling on a once-divisive issue helped settle the issue with the public.



GOP growth and opportunity? Not

Published:  Mar 22, 2013

Atlas Founder and President Steve Rosenthal points out the "elephants in the room" and other flaws in the GOPs latest post-mortem.


Why North Carolina Went Red

Published:  Mar 21, 2013

by Tom Anstrom

In 2008, then Senator Obama became the first Democrat to capture North Carolina’s electoral votes since Jimmy Carter in 1976, but in 2012 Mitt Romney put the state back in the Republican column. North Carolina, along with Indiana, was one of just two states that Obama won in 2008 and lost in 2012. With Senator Kay Hagan likely facing a tough re-election fight in 2014, it’s important to understand both the reasons the state flipped, and why the race was closer than many expected.


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