Nevada Republican Caucus Exit Poll Analysis

Published:  Feb 25, 2016

Donald Trump trounced his way to another big victory yesterday in the Nevada Republican Caucuses, and we've broken it all down!


Nevada and South Carolina Exit Poll Analysis

Published:  Feb 22, 2016

The Atlas Project is back with analysis about this past weekend’s Democratic caucus in Nevada and Republican primary in South Carolina. Secretary Clinton scored a reaffirming victory in Nevada’s First in the West caucus, driven by strong support among women, African Americans, and caucus-goers who live in union households. Senator Sanders continued to dominate among youth, and while the entrance polls suggest he narrowly carried Hispanic caucus-goers, some observers note that Clinton racked up large margins in heavily-Hispanic caucus locations in vote-rich Clark County.


New Hampshire Primary Exit Poll Analysis

Published:  Feb 10, 2016

The results coming out of New Hampshire largely aligned with the publicly available polling leading up to the first in the nation primaries, but the magnitude of Bernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s victories has certainly made waves. It remains to be seen how the New Hampshire primary will impact South Carolina, Nevada, and the Super Tuesday states, as Secretary Clinton looks to halt Senator Sanders’ momentum and the GOP field attempts to catch up with Trump.


Iowa Caucuses Exit Poll Analysis

Published:  Feb 02, 2016

Yesterday’s Iowa caucuses brought a number of surprising developments to the presidential nominating contests for both parties. According to the Iowa Democratic Party, the results from last night’s Democratic Caucuses were the closest in state history. On the GOP side, Ted Cruz’s three-point victory over Donald Trump promises to upend the narrative heading into New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.


The Friday Five — January 30, 2015

Published:  Jan 30, 2015

The Atlas Project political team combs through the news every day to bring the latest relevant headlines to progressive activists in the field. Now, we bring you five stories that may have flown under your radar this week.


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