The Lasting Impact of Citizens United on State Law

Published:  Feb 04, 2013

by Erin Burger-Gohl

While the Citizens United ruling did not directly affect existing state laws, nearly half of the states in the union had existing laws that limited corporate and union spending in statewide campaigns. Most states responded to the Citizens United ruling by repealing existing independent expenditure bans and extended existing disclosure and disclaimer requirements. However, several states have either attempted to stand up to the ruling or took preventative measures to crack down on dark money before spending grew out of control.


The Friday Five – February 1, 2013

Published:  Feb 01, 2013

by Atlas Staff

The Atlas Project political team combs through the news every day to bring the latest relevant headlines to progressive activists in the field. Now, we bring you five political stories that made us laugh.


Dates set in Massachusetts U.S. Senate special election

Published:  Jan 30, 2013

by Karyn Bruggeman

The special election to replace Senator John Kerry will be held on June 25, 2013, with a primary scheduled for April 30.


Framing the Gun Debate in Virginia

Published:  Jan 30, 2013

by Ryan Pougiales

The issue of gun legislation has come to the forefront in Virginia, just as it has nationally in the wake of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. Polling in the wake of the December shooting indicates that Virginia voters are rallying behind measured gun legislation, a necessary step before state lawmakers will act on this divisive issue.


How America’s Resurgent Auto Industry Drove President Obama to Victory

Published:  Jan 29, 2013

by Craig Plazure

Even as polling indicated Americans considered the auto industry bailout a success and President Obama racked up newspaper endorsements in Michigan and Ohio, the Romney campaign told the “Lie of the Year.”


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