Your Election Guide

Published:  Nov 06, 2012

By The Atlas Team

Like you, The Atlas Project is tracking this election closely. With over 20,000 candidates on the ballot this cycle, there’s no shortage of races to pay attention to tonight. To help guide you through what to watch for on Election Night (and when to watch for it), we’ve put together a chart of poll closing times by state and the key races to watch. 


Early Vote Update

Published:  Nov 04, 2012

By: Catalist

While thirty-five states are currently running early vote programs, the focus right now is on three of the most important battleground states, Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina.  


Who Is Winning The State Legislative Fundraising Wars?

Published:  Nov 02, 2012

By: Atlas Research Team 

With all the attention being paid to the federal races, state legislative races aren’t making many headlines this cycle. It’s not that they don’t matter; gaining or retaining control of the state House or state Senate is incredibly important in many states.


Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on Early Vote

Published:  Oct 29, 2012

By The Atlas Team

The Atlas Project has put together a summary of changes being made to registration, early vote and absentee vote deadlines in states impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Please check our blog regularly for updates on how the storm may have affected the election in your state.


The Friday Five – October 26th, 2012

Published:  Oct 26, 2012

 By: Atlas Staff

The Atlas Project political team combs through the news every day to bring the latest relevant headlines to progressive activists in the field. Now, as we do every Friday, we bring you five political stories that made us laugh.


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